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If you’re trying out Colorado sportsbook betting, then you need to stay updated on the latest Colorado sports news. Luckily for you, we’ve gathered and highlighted the latest news of what’s happening in the Colorado football scene. More specifically, we look at how the Broncos are faring and what more we can expect from them. That way, when you place your next bet, you are well-informed and subsequently increase your odds as a result. Keep reading for more on Colorado sports news!

Broncos offense struggled, and the defense wasn’t much better

The last insult for the Broncos on an infuriating Sunday evening that began with a lot of optimism came in the last moment of a 23-7 appeared-more-lopsided-than-it-was loss to Baltimore.

As the fans wearing orange and blue ventured out to fight traffic, Ravens fans remained to serenade their players, one another and the Broncos with their conventional “Seven Nations Army” hype song.

The Broncos were subjected to another team’s chant, the ultimate sucker punch to end a gut-punch kind of day in their stadium. The team lost their quarterback Teddy Bridgewater to a concussion in the first half, failed to make a turnover, gave away five sacks, allowed 405 yards, went 3 of 14 on third down and punted multiple times.

The Ravens came to town to show the Broncos how perennial playoff teams do it

Justin Simmons had a lot to say along the lines of how extremely disappointing the Broncos’ performance was, going further to add that the team knew how significant this was, particularly to be at home and play against a team like Baltimore. They knew what the stakes were.

The stakes were minor in the grand scheme of the 17-game season. The Broncos are as yet 3-1 and could be tied for the AFC West lead if Las Vegas loses at the Los Angeles Chargers on Monday night. The Raiders (3-0) and Arizona (4-0) are the only unbeaten teams in the league. That said, the stakes ought to be ramped up this week.

Coach Vic Fangio’s initial two seasons self-destructed with four-and three-game losing streaks to begin the season. Minutes after losing to the Ravens, he was already laying the groundwork for this coming Sunday’s trip to Pittsburgh and by all means avoiding a snowball-effect streak.

Fangio revealed that the team is on for the next game, will not have a hangover from this loss and will ensure that the focus is back by Monday at the latest. What we’re still waiting to hear is who will be the quarterback with Teddy Bridgewater not cleared yet. According to Fangio, the Broncos starting quarterback may not be decided until Friday. Although Drew Lock stepped in after halftime and managed to pass 12-of-21 for 113 yards, he may be the chosen replacement if Bridgewater is still not cleared in time for the next game.

What is worrying  however, is that when Fangio studied the downfall or wreckage from the game, he was concerned about how his generally dependable defense committed such a large number of errors and didn’t have any takeaways; amongst the following:

  • The Broncos entered permitting per-game averages of 59.3 rushing yards, 162.3 passing yards and 8.7 points.
  • Baltimore ran up at least 102 yards rushing, 304 yards passing, and five scoring drives (three field goals and two touchdowns).
  • Quarterback Lamar Jackson didn’t run wild (only 28 yards), yet he compensated for that by completing 22 out of 37 passes.

According to Von Miller, Bronco’s outside linebacker, the Ravens had their way. 

The Ravens didn’t dominate the entire game

As difficult as it is to accept in garbage time, the Broncos took a 7-0 lead (that too tight end Noah Fant’s three-yard touchdown catch) 42 seconds into the second quarter and were well within two possessions until the last 1:51.

It merely seemed like the Ravens had a 30-point lead. The Broncos’ momentum was created by their running back, Javonte Williams’ 31-yard rumble and Fant’s touchdown was short-lived. 

The Ravens responded to the Broncos’ touchdown with Latavius Murray’s 11-yard touchdown run. Then following a Broncos’ three-and-out, Jackson threw a 49-yard thunderbolt that was caught in the end zone by Marquise Brown with an impressive diving catch. Jackson had 3.63 seconds to toss, and Brown got open when Simmons flipped his hips outside, putting him out of position as Brown ran the deep post.

Fangio’s take on this is that it was more technique than coverage and the Broncos weren’t deep enough back there, and though it shouldn’t have happened. Credit should be given where credit is due; the Raven’s are known for their throwing plays and could use this to beat the Broncos with ease.

What the Broncos need to do in the next game is make sure that they move forward and create more opportunities to turn the game. The team can take a lesson from their loss against the Ravens and use more piece plays. This type of play worked well for the Ravens, so why not for the Bronchos. Either way, the Broncos need a win; they’re in a tough Pittsburgh group, so they desperately need to win the next game to stay in contention.

In the next few days, we’ll get a chance to see exactly what the Broncos team is made of. In weeks 1-3, they showed us that they could manage with struggling teams. Now it’s time to see if they can handle themselves when going up against a team like the Pittsburgh Steelers, led by legendary Ben Roethlisberger. Only time will tell, but we wish them the best. Hopefully, quarterback Teddy Bridgewater will be back sooner rather than later to give supporters and the team a bit more hope for the upcoming challenge the next few games present!