Marry Because You’re Ready And Capable Of Taking Care Of Others, OAP N6 Tells Nigerians

Papa go just dey look una dey drink kunu – OAP N6 reveals what he’d do if President Buhari #EndSars

Popular Nigerian OAP, N6, has advised Nigerians to marry only when they are ready and capable of taking care of another person.

The media personality took to his Instagram Story to share his piece of advice.

Marry because you are ready, mature and capable of taking care of yourself and others. Nobody’s son or daughter is a goodluck talisman. Na who work go chop. #shalom,” the media personality wrote.

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“Your poverty is better if you are the only one that is managing it. Trust me. Ask anybody with a wife and children who is currently going through financial problems. Wife and children no dey bring luck again o,” he further said.


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