Prison Attacks Organised To Ridicule FG, Says Aregbesola

Prison Attacks Organised To Ridicule FG, Says Aregbesola
Rauf Aregbesola

Minister of Interior, Rauf Aregbesola has expressed that correctional facilities in the country are attacked to ridicule the federal government.

He stated this on Sunday during a visit to the Abologoo Custodial Centre, in Oyo town, that was attacked on Friday.

The minister stated that those behind the attacks will be made to face justice.

“External attacks on custodial facilities were a rarity hitherto. What was common, and for which our system had been well primed, was an internal breach,” he said.

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“But beginning with the spontaneous #EndSARS protests of last year which dovetailed into massive riots, there have been consistent attacks on our facilities in Owerri, Benin, Kabba, and now Oyo.

“This is not just some random happening. These are premeditated, planned and coordinated attacks meant to make Nigeria unsafe and ridicule the government.

“I’m assuring Nigerians that the federal government will pursue not just those who attacked our facility, but those who have escaped lawful custody.

“The attack was unconscionable. I commend officers of the Nigeria Correctional Service and other members of sister security agencies who provided perimeter security for our facility for fighting gallantly and holding the fort before the attackers were able to gain access to the awaiting trial section of the facility.

“However, those who escaped are already being pursued. Some have been rearrested; many more will still be captured.”


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