Daddy Freeze Challenges Pastor Biodun Fatoyinbo

Daddy Freeze Challenges Pastor Biodun Fatoyinbo

Daddy Freeze has reacted to COZA minister, Biodun Fatoyinbo after he hammered the individuals who censure the installment of offerings.

Fatoyinbo, while lecturing his individuals to continue to pay tithe, said that most pundits of offering installment use Elon Musk, a nonbeliever, as an illustration, that you can, in any case, prevail in spite of not paying offering.

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Fatoyinbo let his individuals know that Elon Musk has “a pledge with another individual” and added that Christians who have a contract with God should continue to pay tithes.

He then, at that point, said that the people who censure tithe installment are “nonentities”.

Reacting for “the local area of nonentities”, media character Daddy Freeze, who criticizes the installment of offering, welcomed Fatoyinbo to a discussion on tithe installment.

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