How My Blog Rose From Grass To Grace: Linda Ikeji

Linda Ikeji is overly excited as she is celebrating 15 years of her blog launch, ‘Linda Ikeji Blog’.

Taking to her Instagram, the star shared the first blog post she made on the 26th of November 200. 

In her words, it was the best decision of her life.

The writer said she started her blog by introducing herself and subsequent blog posts were about her sharing personal stuff which was the order of the day back then. 

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In 2007, Linda broaden her horizons as she stopped talking about herself and concentrate on gossips and news. 

“Exactly 15 years ago today, 26th of November 2006, I created a blog and wrote my first blog post… the best decision of my life! I started with introducing myself, then subsequent blog posts was me sharing personal stuff which was the order of the day back then but sometime in early 2007, I decided I wanted to stop talking about myself and start talking about other people…lol. And so, it became a gossip/news blog.. which was extremely rare in those days, making The Linda Ikeji Blog one of the pioneers of entertainment news online in Nigeria. A standing ovation please. 🙌😆”

Linda went on to celebrate and congratulate herself on how far she has come in the past 15 years and how she has been able to use the platform for the good of the people.

“Writing about news and gossip brought a lot of traffic to my blog. A few years later, I had an advert rate and brands started paying to get on my platform. It was life changing! At some point, from 2013 till about 2016, 60% of all advert placed online came to LIB. We balled mehn…lol. And bought a house in Banana…😉😅”

She concluded by thanking her readers for supporting her all through the years.

“I’m so grateful for this platform. Grateful to all the readers. To the ones that no longer go there and the millions of you that are still there and keeping us in business, I can’t thank you enough. Because of you, the blog is still thriving.”

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