I Don’t Believe In Heaven, Hell: Samklef

Nigeria Beat Maker and producer Samklef made a statement that he doesn’t believe in Heaven or Hell because he believes Heaven is on Earth.

The Musical producer shares his belief about religion and said, humans are gods and share the same character with God.

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He tweeted ” I don’t believe in heaven or hell. But I believe in heaven on earth. If God is the same yesterday, today and forever. So are ye. Bright star from the east.

Although no one knows why Samklef made his intentions clear but many were surprised with the way he spoke and some of his beliefs.

See tweet below:





  1. Yes you dont have to believe But a day is coming that you will believe. Pharaoh never believe there is a God more powerful than him and his magical powers he call gods until, his men encounter the real God l mean the God of the red sea and never live to tell their story. When Nacbucanizer also encounter the real God the statue he worship and even compel his people to also worship could not defend him and the supremacy of God of all creation including hell was prove to him when he start to eat grass like ram