Mr Ibu Supports Tinubu For 2023 Election

Mr Ibu Supports Tinubu For 2023 Election

Mr Ibu has responded after Nigerians hauled him, Foluke Daramola, Harry B, and some other Nollywood stars for supposedly embracing Bola Ahmed Tinubu for the 2023 administration.

In a viral video, the Nollywood stars are seen lounging around a meeting table, singing Tinubu’s recognition.

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Various Nigerians called them out after the video hit the web and Mr Ibu came out to protect himself.

He said previous Vice President, Atiku Abubakar, has accomplished such a great deal for himself and even gave him a house to remain in. He added that dependent on that, Atiku is his applicant and it’s basically impossible that he will pass on Atiku to help another person.

He likewise said that Enugu state lead representative flew him abroad for therapy when he was debilitated.

He said Atiku and the Enugu State Governor resemble mentors to him and he can’t disillusion them by lobbying for Tinubu.

He did not explain why he was singing Tinubu’s praise in the video that led to the call out.

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