7 Unique Sea of Thieves Tips For Noobs & Pros

In Sea of Thieves, you are dropped right off the plank into the deep ocean as soon as you start playing. The first few minutes of the game might seem confusing as it is designed this way to toss you overboard.

If you have already aced the Sea of Thieves beginner’s phase and are trying to advance in it, you are at the right place. There is a lot to learn in Sea of Thieves, from escaping plunders, gathering treasures to completing voyages.

The tips that are mentioned below will help you learn a lot about how to become a pro at every task in this Battlelog game. Now let’s begin and see how to become a pro player of Sea of Thieves-



1.   Prepare before you start sailing

Taking out a few minutes before sailing will save you a lot of trouble during the game. Some of the crucial preparations you need before sailing is-


  • Keep your cannons loaded- Loading the cannons during a fight is time-consuming. Therefore before sailing, you should load your cannons and be prepared for any attack.
  • Stock up on supplies- Even though you stock up the ship with barrels loaded with bananas, cannonballs, planks, they tend to get finished quickly. Therefore keep an eye on abandoned barrels on the islands, barrels scattered across outposts or floating in the sea, and raid them to keep your supplies stocked up always.
  • Before leaving an outpost, make sure you have cages or coops- This tip is only applicable for merchant’s alliance quests. You need to talk to merchant vendors to get you cages so that you can keep the chickens that you have collected for feasting.


2.   Post a lookout

Like mentioned earlier, the sea is full of rival pirate ships which will try to plunder your resources. Therefore keeping a lookout at all times is necessary. You should be aware of the enemy ships and their approach towards you.


Even if you spot another ship coming towards you, you will have plenty of time to react and defend, but to do that, you need to see the other coming. Hence, always assign a member for the lookout, without which you will find yourself in a vulnerable position.


3.   Work on the sails

In Sea of Thieves, you will be dealing with a lot of things like dealing with whatever comes at you, shifting from place to place, checking the map, making repairs in the deck, and a lot more.

Among all these, one thing each member needs to know is working on the sails. In the ships, you will have to balance the speed, adjust sails to pick up more wind, and cut sails on tighter turns. Also, during fights, adjusting the sails is vital to avoid fire. Therefore make sure to work on the sails by communicating with the team.


4.   Select your weapons carefully

Apart from the flintlock and cutlass pistol that you start the game with, you will find additional weapons in the hold of your ship. You will find weapons on the mid-deck, on the locker, on the gallons.

You have three weapon options to carry on the battle- pistol, a mid-range strong weapon; blunderbuss, a close-range weapon, and the sniper rifle, a long-range gun. Try using all three when you are fighting with your enemies or are trying to stop borders.


5.   Roast your food on the ship to save time

You will find a pan roaster and little oven below the deck, which is great for roasting food when you are on the go. Also, eating raw food, especially meat, will make you puke. Food options like the shark, snake, chicken, pork, grubs are safe to eat when cooked and will restore more health.

But you should be careful while roasting food as leaving them too long might catch fire and burn your ship mid-voyage.


6.   Use gunpowder barrels for attackers

While exploring islands, you will notice red gunpowder barrels. You can take them with you to use during attacks. You can drop these gunpowder barrels at the back of your ships when you are being chased, and they will create huge damage to the enemy ships. But one thing you need to be careful of is, gunpowder barrels are extremely volatile and dangerous.


7.   Scan the horizon constantly

In Sea of Thieves, you constantly need to scan the horizon to keep your position intact. Once you get hold of the cargo, you need to be more careful since you can lose it if the ship sinks or if someone steals it. Hence, always keep the spyglass and scan the horizon.



Hopefully, you liked these seven pro tips to play Sea of Thieves and are able to amp up your game. For more related posts, keep watching this space!


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