Here’s Why Companies Are Switching To Leadway Health!


It’s one thing to have an HMO, it’s another thing to have one that works! Imagine having an HMO, but still finding it difficult to access healthcare when sick, due to delayed care authorization, lots of paperwork and other related issues.

Health insurance might not prevent you from getting sick, but it can prevent additional stress to the ill-health by giving you easy access to medical care, anytime, anywhere.

Leadway Health’s tech-infused offerings give a whole new meaning to health insurance and healthcare delivery. The Leadway Health mobile app  gives enrollees access to Telemedicine service and prevents delays in the hospital by allowing enrollees to approve their own care. The app also enables digital health tracking that rewards you for staying healthy, giveS you access to health articles, allows you to download your e-ID and do much more.

For HR Managers who want the best for their staff, Leadway Health also makes the job easier with their HR portal. It makes registration of staff, billings, reporting etc. simpler and faster for HR, and they don’t have to worry about stressful paperworks and long processes.


Another special benefit that both enrollees and HR have found valuable is the Employee Assistance Program which offers mental health care including counselling, stress management, financial advisory etc. All enrollees under Leadway’s Group Health Plan have access to this program.

Leadway health’s innovative services will have you and your employees experiencing zero stress when it’s time to access care.

Make the smarter choice for you, your employees, and/or your family; switch to the HMO that offers more than just healthcare by requesting a call-back from them here. You can also contact Leadway Health on Facebook, Instagram,via email or by calling 01280105.


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