Obasanjo: Why I Will Never Support Yoruba Nation

Obasanjo: Why I Will Never Support Yoruba Nation
Olusegun Obasanjo

Olusegun Obasanjo, a former President of Nigeria, has reiterated his allegiance to a united Nigeria.

He stated that he would never support calls for a “Yoruba Nation.”

At a retreat on inclusive security organized by the Global Peace Foundation in collaboration with Vision Africa, Obasanjo addressed leaders of socio-cultural organizations.

He said: “One thing that we’ve together in common is Nigeria.

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“I have never used Yoruba Nation, and I will never, because I believe that my Nigerianess is bigger than my Yorubaness, and neither my Yorubaness or Nigerianess should stand in the way of each other.

“For me, my Nigerianess is very important because I am more than what I should have been as a Nigerian than as a oduduwa republic man, and I believe that should be the case for everyone of us.

“Why should the accident of my place of birth be a hindrance for me as a human being first of all, and for me as a Nigerian?” he queried.”