Wife slaps husband during live radio show for accusing her of keeping faeces & urine in their room (video)

A marital issue between a husband and his wife took an abusive twist during a live radio show.

The disgruntled Ghanaian husband and wife were invited to air their grievances and settle their issue, but it took a drastic turn when the woman assaulted the man.


As the man accused his wife of keeping urine and faeces in their room during the live radio show, he received a resounding slap on his cheek from her. The woman repeatedly accused her husband of trying to embarrass her in public.

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  1. Even though this may look funny… Domestic violence is no joke and shouldn’t be encouraged at all levels. I was looking at for watching the video but I couldn’t see. But why keep faeces and urine in the room? No toilet?… Africans need to do better.


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