Woman Who Slapped Her Husband On Live Radio Show Goes On Her Knees To Beg Him At A Family Gathering (Video)

The couple

The woman in the viral video who slapped her husband during a live radio show, has been seen in a new video pleading for his forgiveness during a family gathering.

We reported earlier that the assault incident occurred after the disgruntled Ghanaian husband and wife were invited to the radio show to air their grievances and settle their issue.

As the man accused his wife of keeping urine and faeces in their room during the live radio show, he received a resounding slap on his cheek from her. The woman repeatedly accused her husband of trying to embarrass her in public.

However in a new video that was shared online, the woman went down on her knees to beg her husband over the incident.

Watch The Video Below;


  1. Family issues are to be solved at the home and not on radio shows The man just want to disgrace the women . Not all family issues are meant for public hearing. Some can be solve without bringing third part Please let us know what to say in public. I join her to say say to the man, But he deserve the slap. hahahahaha