2023: Tinubu Promotes Excellence, Capable Of Becoming Nigeria’s President -Abe

2023: Tinubu Promotes Excellence, Capable Of Becoming Nigeria’s President -Abe

Senator Magnus Abe, a former member of the National Assembly representing the Rivers South-East Senatorial District, has described former Lagos State Governor Asiwaju Bola Tinubu as a champion of excellence, saying he is capable and qualified to become Nigeria’s President in 2023.

He also stated that the All Progressives Congress’s National Leader is a leader who prioritizes capacity and competence over allegiance in all of his dealings.

On Tuesday, Abe told journalists at a breakfast gathering in Port Harcourt, the capital of Rivers State.

He explained that the history of Lagos State and where it is now are inextricably linked to Tinubu.

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Abe added, “The most important job of a leader is to pick people. If you look at the quality of people that Asiwaju picked and the way he promotes quality people in everything, they stand out.

“The one thing that has kept Africa where it is today is that leaders prefer loyalty above capacity and competence. Asiwaju is one of few leaders in Africa who picks capacity and competence above loyalty and promotes excellence in every way.

“So I think he is eminently qualified and other people who think they are qualified are also free to indicate their interest.”


  1. This message is for all Nigeria youth and social mediaan, you all must stop promoting all this old politicians that behind evils and pure enemies of that nation, when you all will wake up and realize it’s time to say it louder enough is enough, when you all will stop think about today and not thinking about those who have tomorrow? Nigeria deserved and need a leadership not this lessership that have been made worst of the Nigeria by only behind politicians for their own benefit??