Adamawa Records 175 Rape Cases

Adamawa on map
Adamawa on map

At least 175 cases of rape were officially recorded in Adamawa State in 2021.

Hope Centre, a rape injury referral clinic at the state capital, Yola, revealed this on Wednesday.

“No fewer than 175 cases of rape were recorded between January and December, 2021,” Manager of the centre, Dr. Usha Saxern, said.

Dr Usha explained in an interactive session with journalists that the number represents only cases of rape that passed through the centre in the year under review.

“This is the number we have in our records,” she clarified, saying that she could not speak about cases her centre did not attend to.

Only rape incidents that caused such grievous harm which could not easily be tackled by victims through over-the-counter medication are taken to the centre.

Adamawa people have been known over the years to cover up cases of rape, especially when such cases do not result to threatening health conditions.

Victims or their parents habitually hush up rape cases, including not seeking prosecution of suspected rapists, for fear of the publicity that such prosecution or court process could attract.