Buhari Launches National Policy On 5G, Says It Will Address Insecurity

Buhari Launches National Policy On 5G, Says It Will Address Insecurity

President Muhammadu Buhari unveiled the National Policy on 5G for the Digital Economy of Nigeria on Tuesday.

During the launch in Abuja, the President instructed all security institutions to use the technology when it is deployed, stating that it will improve security in the country.

He stated that the federal government will take full advantage of the prospects presented by 5G for the nation’s economy, security, and well-being.

Concerns about 5G’s health safety were allayed by the President, who stated that such concerns had been “well handled” in formulating a policy that was appropriate for the country.

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The President emphasized that 5G technologies may benefit practically every sector of the economy, including increased connection, improved healthcare, support for education while developing smart cities, and improving agriculture, among other things.

”It will also support security institutions with real-time communication,” he said at the launch of the policy, which was presented and approved at the Federal Executive Council meeting on September 8 following a robust debate.

”5G technology is significantly faster than earlier digital technologies and it provides near real-time communication. This can play a key role in boosting our efforts towards enhancing security across the nation.

”It will enable our security institutions to effectively deploy robotics, autonomous vehicles, augmented and virtual reality to address any security challenges that we face.”