Chris Adah: Why Youths Are The Problem Of Nigeria

Chris Adah Speaks On The Negative Impact Of Nigerian Youths

The popular host and reality TV star has blamed Nigerian youths for the country’s problems, claiming that they condemn the same youths who want to rule it.

Many Nigerians have encouraged young people to enter politics in order to improve the country, and a few have expressed interest in running for office, but they have been chastised by their peers.

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In response, the reality star stated that they have been calling for young people to take over, but that all of the youths who have announced their intentions to run for political office have been chastised by their peers, demonstrating that love does not exist among youths.

Nigeria, in Adah’s opinion, is an impossible country that has a problem that is as obvious as daylight but prefers to ignore it and shift blame to other things.

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