‘Don’t Blame Buhari For The Mess You Put Benue’ — Presidency Hits Ortom

‘Don’t Blame Buhari For The Mess You Put Benue’ — Presidency Hits Ortom
Samuel Ortom

The presidency has urged Governor Samuel Ortom of Benue not to blame President Muhammadu Buhari for the state’s problems.

In a recent interview with Arise Television, Ortom had said the All Progressive Congress (APC) has ruined Nigeria and that citizens regret voting Buhari into power.

In response to complaints that Benue workers’ salaries were not being paid, Ortom stated that he inherited over N70 billion in pension, salary, and gratuity arrears from his predecessor and that, despite this, he is doing his best.

In a statement released on Tuesday in response to Ortom’s remarks, presidential spokesperson Garba Shehu said there are two types of politicians: those who offer solutions to the country’s problems and those who offer excuses “and instead blame others for problems they have either not solved or created themselves.”

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Shehu went on to stated that Ortom is an example of the second class of politicians who blame others for challenges.

He said Ortom “inherited unpaid salaries and pension arrears” and rather than find a way to raise funds to pay them, “he has blamed the President”.

“President Muhammadu Buhari is a leader. He inherited a treasury that had been emptied by successive previous administrations – and he sought and succeeded in repatriating billions of dollars of stolen funds from overseas,” the statement reads in part.