I’m Coming To Anambra To Correct Lots Of Ills, Says Soludo

I’m Coming To Anambra To Correct Lots Of Ills, Says Soludo

Prof Chukwuma Charles Soludo, the governor-elect of Anambra State, says he is coming to the state to correct a number of ills.

One of these ills, he claims, is the dissolution of all revenue windows created in the State on the morning of his inauguration on March 17.

He promised that under his watch, nothing like this would happen again, and that the State had suffered a great deal as a result of the practice.

At the weekend, Soludo met with state stakeholders in Agulu, Anaocha Local Government Area.

He said he would use executive order to terminate theft of the state’s resources by revenue thieves.

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Soludo said, “We learnt revenue windows are already being distributed. You people have started sharing windows. Yes, you people are sharing windows. But, when you are sharing the windows, please be telling those you’re sharing them to that it stops on 16th March. Because on 17th morning, I will sign an executive order cancelling all of them.”

He claimed that there were people who had been living off government funds for a long time, and that, surprisingly, such persons would be the first to accuse the government of failing to construct infrastructure.

The former Governor of the Central Bank of Nigeria, CBN, stated that he would be coming to Anambra as governor to rectify a number of issues.

He stated that if the people were not willing to work things out, he would gladly dust himself down and join the bandwagon of those seeking exile abroad.


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