IPOB Releases Names, Numbers of Criminals Impersonating ESN In Imo, Anambra (See List)

Names and numbers of alleged criminals impersonating to be members of the Eastern Security Network, the militant arm of the Indigenous People of Biafra, IPOB have been released.

IPOB released the names and numbers on Wednesday.

IPOB’s spokesman, Emma Powerful, alleged that the names mentioned use ESN to commit crimes against people of some communities in Imo and Anambra.

Powerful, who also released the mobile contacts of the alleged ESN impersonators, insisted that its militia arm has no camp in Lilu, Ihiala Local Government Area of Anambra State.

A statement by Powerful reads partly: “In Orsumoghu, Nnewi South, Lilu Orsumenyi of Ihiala LGA of Anambra State these criminals mentioned below are the ones impersonating ESN/IPOB members using ESN name to commit crimes against the people of these communities they are not ESN members, the communities involved should use their vigilante groups and stop them, the ESN will help them too.

 “Emmanuel aka (Obereagu), Innocent Obiekee from Isingwu Orsumoghu, Izuchukwu from Amaduru Orsumoghu, Ofordie aka Baby.”

 The separatist group also accused the Imo State Governor, Hope Uzodinma of sponsoring some names to impersonate ESN in the state,

 He added: “In Orlu Imo State these criminals mentioned below are impersonating ESN/IPOB members to demonize IPOB and ESN members, they are sponsored by Hope Uzodinma and his co-travellers and traitors to demonize IPOB and ESN members in Imo State

 “Agu, 50, Vice, Ojoo. Number one (No 1) and Ojoo and their gang are collecting Illegal levies at Eke Ututu in the name of ESN when they are neither ESN operatives nor IPOB family members. The one they call Sky and Zuma are collecting proceeds from innocent communities. IGBANDA and his gangs are also collecting 5,000 Naira from Orlu people in the name of ESN. These names mentioned or listed in this press statement have been declared Persona Non-Grata in Biafraland, and they remain so. People must stop giving them money they are not ESN operative and not IPOB volunteers.”

 “Contact these numbers to report any crime from individuals, cult groups or criminal gangs using the name of IPOB/ESN to commit crimes. The numbers +1248 949 4843, +61434294745.

 “They have been kidnapping people, snatching cars, and raping our women in our territory. IPOB volunteers and ESN operatives have also been making efforts to apprehend these agents of sorrow. We cannot watch these beasts created and sponsored by Hope Uzodinma, his masters in Miyeti Allah, and their co-travellers to destroy Biafra land.”