I’ve Fulfilled Many Promises On Infrastructure, Says Oyetola

I’ve Fulfilled Many Promises On Infrastructure, Says Oyetola

Adegboyega Oyetola, the governor of Osun State, has declared that he has kept many of his promises, particularly in the field of infrastructural development for the people of Ile-Ife and Modakeke.

Oyetola spoke at separate rallies held in Modakeke and Ile-Ife during his tour to Ife Central and Ife East local government areas of the state on Wednesday.

He then asked for the members of the All Progressives Congress’s continued support and dedication, as well as a guarantee that if given another term in office, he would do even more.

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He said, “I trust the people of Ife and Modakeke, you have always stuck to your words, you have promised to be with me for second term project and I trust you to do as pledged.

“I have fulfilled many of my promises on Infrastructure in Ife and Modakeke and I am assuring of you of more infrastructure. I am here to promise that once you stand by us, we will meet your expectations.

“With what I am seeing here, I am not afraid and I’m sure that whatever type of primary the party endorses, either direct or indirect, with your support I will be victorious. Be patient, as we move on, many people would be appointed into position.

“We can only spread infrastructure and political development when we are in power, so work more to ensure that the party, and I retain the seat of power to spread more dividends of democracy within the party and to the general populace.”