Plagiarism Checker by Review: Worth it or Skip it?

Over the web, several platforms allow you to check for plagiarism and identify duplication from any kind of text. SmallSEOTools is the number one platform that offers the facility to check plagiarism for people working in multiple domains, including digital marketing, academics, content writing, publications, etc.

While you’ll hunt down the best plagiarism checker on Google’s search results, SmallSEOTools’ plagiarism detector will appear on the top. Besides its top ranking, you might be wondering whether the tool available on this web portal is worth using, or you should skip it and rely on any other utility. If yes, this review for online plagiarism checker by will clear your thoughts about using or ignoring it.

But before jumping on to that, let’s take you through the quick overview of SmallSEOTools.

Overview of SmallSEOTools

As the name suggests, SmallSEOTools offer hundreds of tools, apart from the plagiarism checker, which can help people complete their digital tasks efficiently. Over this platform, you can find multiple tools under several categories: text content tools, Image editing tools, backlink tools, keywords tools, website management tools, PDF tools, password management tools, and many more. In addition, you can get access to SmallSEOTools and use its recently launched DesignStudio that allows you to create flyers, logos, resumes, posters and memes.

The aim on which this site revolves around is aiding web admins, bloggers, writers, SEOs, students, teachers, publishers, and researchers in carrying out multiple tasks related to their fields without following an intricate procedure. This platform comes with a user-friendly interface that doesn’t demand any technical expertise from the users’ end. Whether you want to search similar images, explore backlink profiles, conduct mobile-friendly tests, download videos, or convert files between different formats, this web-based platform will let you do the required job without asking you to invest time, effort, or any other resource.

Now let’s review the most prestigious tool of SmallSEOTools, i.e., Online plagiarism Checker.

Review of Plagiarism Checker by SmallSEOTools

The plagiarism detector by SmallSEOTools comes with advanced features that provide users with an exceptional experience. This tool is powered by AI that conducts an in-depth duplication check on the text entered by any user to check plagiarism in a matter of seconds. The top-notch features you can enjoy by opting to use this free plagiarism checker are discussed below.

Wide Database

Some of the online tools cannot check plagiarism due to their narrow database. However, the database of the plagiarism checker by SmallSEOTools contains billions of web pages’ data. While using this utility, not even a single percent of plagiarism can remain undetected. This tool scans the text entered by the user and cross-checks it against the content contained in its wide database to provide you with 100% accurate results.

Multiple Uploading Options

If you are tired of manually copy-pasting data in the given text boxes on several duplication finders, then SmallSEOTools’ plagiarism detector can rely on to upload the text as you desire. Besides letting you paste the text, this web-based utility lets you check for plagiarism through URL. If you want to check plagiarism from content already published over the web, you can simply integrate its URL in the given box and detect plagiarism in no time. In addition, this tool also lets you import text files in different formats from your device or cloud storage.

Download Plagiarism Scan Reports

The advanced plagiarism checker available on SmallSEOTools provides you with plagiarism scan reports alongside displaying data on your screen. The reports can be downloaded on your device with a single click without paying a penny. This plagiarism checker generates reports in no time and allows the users to download them in PDF format. The reports contain the percentage of plagiarized and unique content. Moreover, the reports also include the source links from where your entered text is duplicated.

Exclusion of URL

While checking plagiarism for the content published on your website, you might get furious as the plagiarism checker results will detect it from your own site. You can prevent this by using the advanced feature of excluding URL offered by SmallSEOTools’ plagiarism tool. This feature lets you enter the URLs from which you don’t wish to check for plagiarism. Other than your excluded URL, this tool will explore the other sites and let you know if your entered text matches any other source.

 Paid Vs. Free: What to Choose?

The users can get their hands on both the free and paid plagiarism checker utilities on SmallSEOTools. But the question that might be arising in your mind could be about the difference in functionality and results. The functionality of both free and paid variants of SmallSEOTools’ plagiarism detector is the same. But there are some additional features that can only be enjoyed after getting the PRO version.

If you are confused between choosing the paid or free version of this tool, go through the features offered by the PRO plagiarism checker to make your decision easier.

●      Extended Word Limit

You can check up to 30,000 words in a single go by getting the PRO version. However, the free plagiarism checker is limited to 1000 words per search. So if you want to avoid dividing your lengthy content into chunks, you can get the PRO version. Or otherwise, if your text length isn’t a problem, then you can stick with the free tool.

●     No Ads

The free-of-cost tools come with ads, and the same is the case with the free variant of plagiarism checker by SmallSEOTools. Hence, if you want to enjoy the ad-free experience of checking plagiarism, you should get a premium plan without a second thought.

●     Deep Scan

Although SmallSEOTools’ free plagiarism checker also deeply scans your entered text, the paid version of this tool digs deeper in your text and leaves no traces of plagiarism undetected from your text. Therefore, if you think your career can go at stake with even a minimal amount of plagiarism, you should get a premium plan for this plagiarism checker.

Final Words

That’s all we have for the review of SmallSEOTools’ plagiarism checker. You should try this tool and fight against duplication from your content before submitting or publishing it to avoid its negative consequences on your career. SmallSEOTools is heaven for dealing with plagiarism, as you can easily paraphrase the plagiarized phrases or sentences existing in your text with its online paraphrasing tool. You can improve your content’s worth and make it do wonders for your career by taking the assistance of smart and advanced tools offered on SmallSEOTools.



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