Top Five Most Important Things to Know Before Playing Rust

The world of Rust is full of thrill and adventure. The game mechanics, plot details, and graphical designs attract every gamer. Being new to the game, you are likely to get lost in the journey. A set of useful tips will help you to survive, mainly if you are journeying in this wilderness for the first time.

When you jump into the world of Rust for the first time, you will only have a rock and a torch. You need to find some food for yourself. Otherwise, your life energy will end, and you will die. Moreover, you must be aware of the hostile animals and other players scattered all around the map. You can also get attacked instantly as you join this game. But do not let all these keep you from mastering this game. With these tips, your Rust journey will become smoother and easier.

Five most important things about Rust

Being one of the most engaging and challenging games, survival in Rust can never be easy. So, before joining the game, prior knowledge is essential. We’ll talk about some of the most important things about Rust that will help you in your journey;

1.   Choosing server

If you are willing to master this game, you need to start slow. Choosing the server is the first important decision you must make. Always choose a beginner-friendly server. Most new players visit the most popular servers and get killed repeatedly.

All popular servers are full of pro-players, so you do not initially stand a chance against them. So, always choose a less crowded server for beginners and gradually level up the difficulties.

2.   Sleeping bags

After you have joined the game, one of the first things you need to do is, crafting a sleeping bag. It only takes 30 clothes to make a bag. Hemp plants are the raw material you need to make a cloth, which are easily available.

You can respawn when you have your sleeping bag. This will save you from going back to the beach for respawning again and again. You will find more useful rust hacks and cheats from several online websites. So, do check those before you start playing.

3.   Hitting strategy

Collecting wood and stone are the two most important things you will need for survival. So, hit trees and huge boulders with the rock you already have. These resources will also help you make your first tools like a hatchet, spear, or pickaxe.

Gathering wood and stone with a rock is very time-consuming, so you have to do it as fast as possible. Here comes the role of a red X mark. This mark is called the Sweet Spot. This mark will appear when you are collecting your resources. Hitting this spot will give you more resources per hit. Thus, you can collect materials faster.

4.   Collect wood

You will need different resources for smooth survival in this game, but collecting wood must be your top priority. Wood is needed to make your first base. Without a solid base, you cannot start the actual game.

So, instead of collecting other resources, collect as much wood as possible. You will need wood for making walls, doors, campfires, storage boxes, building foundations, and so on.

5.   Choose the right location for base

The area you select to make your base will influence your overall game. You have to find a secure spot that will be hard to detect. Moreover, having nearby resources is also important. But do not go too further. There is no point in choosing a distant location and getting killed while traveling.

So, you have to select the location of your first base carefully. The best place for making the base is a forest. It will offer you a planet of wood and useful covers. Settling near a road can also be a good idea. You will get useful materials from any nearby town.


These are essential things that every player should know before diving into the Rust world. As mentioned earlier, the world of rust is wild and brutal. Here, survival must be your primary aim. Making proper strategies and using different play styles will help you survive longer.

So, know these things while playing this game. Do not expect to master this game overnight. You have to keep playing and never lose your hopes. So, use these tips and enjoy this ever-entertaining game.