Unmarried Women Above 30 Deserve To Remain Single – Man Says As He Narrates Predicament Of His Aunts


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A Nigerian man has opined that single ladies over 30 should remain unmarried because they are the cause of their predicament.

According to the narration of the man, his mother emphasized the benefit of marrying at an early age especially for a woman.

He used his aunts as a case study for his argument, disclosing that they are over 40 and unmarried because when they were younger, they kept turning down suitors who were not so wealthy.

Read his narration below …

“So I was talking with my mum the other day and she she began to lament abount my aunties predicaments.

3 of them are educated and over 40, yet unmarried

The first lives in asaba, she used to be extremely beautiful (and still is for guys who may not be interested in wifing young, energetic beautiful women with fresh blood) and uncouth.

She used to attract loads of admirers and guys were trooping in to ask for her hands in marriage when she was in her 20s. She not only turned them down but made mockery of the legit hussling guys at the time, she mocked their financial status and embarrassed those who persisted.

Most of the men approaching her at the time are happily married and doing well for themselves now but my aunty is still visiting one prayer house to another seeking the hands of God in her life. I was told she resorted to online dating after men were no longer showing interest as usual and lost huge sums of money in a romance scam.

The latter is the exact opposite of the former in terms of looks and character.

This one was and is still very ugly but with good character. She had a suitor who was ready to marry her in her 20s, the man happened to be in his late 50s.

She seeked advice from her sisters and friends, they all agreed that this well to do man was too old for their young, albeit ugly sister. They tricked her into believing that she would find young, rich, educated suitors who would seek her hands in marriage in no distant time.

They raised the bar so high that aunty suddenly forgot she was a female version of SHREK(ogre), she developed the Prince charming fanstasy and chased this educated, rich old man away. Ever since then, she has been falling for guys who only want to swim, eat her money and run away.

She’s currently indepted from borrowing a substantial sum of money for a lover to process his visas in a premise that he would marry her and move her abroad once he’s slightly settled.

This one is frustrated like kilode, I was told she is now dating a soldier and she pays his rents and bills, does domestic chores for him and nigga still cheats under her nose.

The last one had a boyfriend in university days who graduated and got a good job, he proposed to her and she turned him down simply because she wanted to finish her studies first, she is the independent woman wannebe and hoped to be a career woman.

Baba jejelly went to marry his first wife and got some children.

My aunt graduated, got a job and started doing well but no husband in her 30s. Baba came back and asked her to marry him again but she said she can’t be a second wife to dangote let alone her EX. Baba went and married a second wife

So it happened that my aunt clocked 45, and she still hadn’t found her dream man and bone of her ribs.

Then Baba came back the third time, this time my aunt shamefully agreed to be third wife. Thank heaven’s she now has children of her own.

My mum used to tell me that when she got married in her early 20s in the university, her friends and sisters were mocking her that she was going into marriage too early and she should have stayed back to enjoy her life as a spinster.

Today shes happily married with grandchildren, while some of those who mocked her then are living miserable as old spinsters, second or third wife’s or hooking up small boys young enough to be their kids in town.

So I told my mum squarely that I’m not sympathetic to their travails and that they deserve every bit of it.

What are your thoughts about women unmarried in their 30s?”




  1. This is very interesting story which l believe alot of people are reading it now. i observed one or two things in this write up . 1) These three ladies turn down over and over and over. proposals from good suitors thinking it is not time for them to marry or the suitors dont fit their profile Hmmmmm 2) You only pick your points from the physical realm, Have you check the spiritual realm concerning them Nothing happen to a person without reason. The hand writing of God upon our lives is very beautiful He wrote our destinies very beautiful when coming to this world but atimes the devil intercept it and divert it to a wrong destinations. (Taking wrong decisions over our lives by ourselves) What happen to Joseph in the Bible if not for the fact that he walk closely with God. His own brothers who the devil manipulated would have wasted him and that will be the end of his life . eg. King Solomon, the prodical son etc etc Like the progdical son he realize his mistake and went to ask forgiveness but Solomon was not. but he left a great legacy in Ecclesiastes We all need to read that book of Ecclesiastes These your aunties need to sought God through Jesus Christ. He is the only one that can reverse the irreversible With Him all things are possible. And nothing is late within Him We have seen people at the age of 50 and above who still get husband and give birth. Our God cannot be limited, handicap or change. With Him and only Him all things, l mean all things are possible. They dont deserve that situation. You as the writer must help them. This time around they need the help of the Almighty God. For women at 30 or above hold unto Jesus . Your man is on the way. Dont because of this write up loss hope. The one who has the final say over you life will speak at the appropriate time Hold Unto JESUS


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