2023: Lamido Endorses Tambuwal, Asks ‘Old Politicians’ To Give Way

2023: Lamido Endorses Tambuwal, Asks ‘Old Politicians’ To Give Way
Sule Lamido

Alhaji Sule Lamido, the former governor of Jigawa State, has announced his support for Sokoto State Governor Aminu Waziri Tambuwal’s presidential bid in 2023.

During a courtesy visit from a big delegation of members of the Peoples Democratic Party from Sokoto, the ex-governor expressed his support.

While speaking at his Bamaina villa in the Birnin Kudu Local Government Area, Lamido admonished the older generation of politicians to make room for the newer generations, who have new ideas.

He claimed that the country is currently in a situation that needs a leader with vision, vitality, and originality, as well as youthful energy and, most importantly, competency.

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The former governor further stated that he believed Tambuwal possess all the qualities, to lead Nigeria, in addition to his education, impeccable character and clear-headedness, saying, he has been a former Speaker of the country and a serving governor with vast political experience.

He insisted the time for Nigeria’s political leaders to make personal sacrifices for the survival of democracy was now, ”People like us who are in our 70s have been called analogue and therefore, phased out, we accept with grace that we are old.

“We must give Nigeria the kind of leaders it deserves, not based on ethnic background, religion or zone, but based on his capacity, competence and we want a Nigerian leader and president, not the president of either the north or south, so to me, zoning doesn’t have meaning any more.”

According to him, zoning should not be the issue in Nigeria’s political terrains, asking, “Those clamouring for zoning? Who are they giving orders, who are they commanding? I believe there has to be a common understanding, we should come together and mutually agree on the issue about the country.”


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