Akwa Ibom PDP Not Divided Over Endorsement Of Gov Candidate – Emmanuel

Akwa Ibom PDP Not Divided Over Endorsement Of Gov Candidate – Emmanuel
Udom Emmanuel

Udom Emmanuel, the governor of Akwa Ibom State, responded on Saturday to those who claimed the state’s Peoples Democratic Party was split over his pick of Pastor Umo Eno as his preferred successor, saying the party was united.

Emmanuel said this while answering questions from journalists on the Akwa Ibom Broadcasting Corporation’s radio and television stations during a program called “The Governor Speaks.”

He stated that insinuations on social media would not distract him and that he would rather stay focused on his completion schedule.

He warned politicians against using violence to grab power, adding that he would vote for peace and not for violence during the party’s primaries and the general elections.

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Emmanuel stated, “As a leader, I am entitled to only one vote during the party primaries and the general elections. And that my vote is not for violence; it is not for the man that will go and carry a gun and point on your head to grab power.

“Whoever grabs power by violence will rule by violence. So, I am telling you that my vote is for peace; it is for progress; it is for economic prosperity; for infrastructural development and unity; and I can keep counting.

“So, our party, the PDP, is not divided. Those social media things we read are not helping us in any matter. I don’t follow those things; I must get focused; I don’t need those distractions.”


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