Diri: Bayelsa Broke Because Of Unfavourable Federation Allocation

Diri: Bayelsa Broke Because Of Unfavourable Federation Allocation
Douye Diri

Douye Diri, governor of Bayelsa state, believes the state is broke because to adverse federation allocation.

On Thursday, the governor said this while speaking on Sunrise Daily, a Channels Television program, about his two-year record as governor.

According to a research by Economic Confidential, Bayelsa is one of the country’s insolvent states.

Despite being an oil-producing state, Diri claims Bayelsa has not been treated fairly.

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He said the reason for the clamour for restructuring is so that all states can get their deserved allocation.

“The question I ask myself is, is it just or fair that what is generated here as income comes back to Bayelsa as federal allocation. Those are the issues I keep talking about because we can’t have a chunk of money generated from our land, taken to the federal government and shared to states and in the end say Bayelsa state is insolvent and that’s why we are talking about restructuring,” the governor said

“That is why the constitution has to be amended. We can’t say a particular land is for the people but what is underneath is for the FG. There is no justice in it,” he said.