El-Rufai Seeks Creation Of Theatre Command In North-West ‘To Counter Insurgents’

El-Rufai Seeks Creation Of Theatre Command In North-West ‘To Counter Insurgents’
Nasir El-Rufai

The governor of Kaduna, Nasir el-Rufai, has asked that the federal government consider establishing a theatre command for the north-western region.

El-Rufai spoke during the state’s 2021 security report, which was compiled by the minister of internal security and home affairs, on Tuesday.

According to the study, 1,192 individuals were killed and 3,348 others were kidnapped across the state in 2021, according to Samuel Aruwan, commissioner for internal security and home affairs.

The governor, who condemned the attacks in the state, said he doesn’t believe in “repentant bandits,” and that anyone who takes up arms to attack residents “doesn’t deserve to live.”

“The creation of such a theatre command will enable holistic approach to counter insurgent operations across the six affected states and the enhanced coordination of the resources of the armed forces, the police, the SSS, our respective state vigilance services, hunters and other local volunteers to fight the insurgents,” he said.

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“The prerogatives of the state need to be asserted, not merely proclaimed. The people we put in uniform must never be placed in avoidable danger, outgunned or outnumbered by non-state actors.

“It is when the terrorists are decimated that ‘soft’, non-kinetic peace building will gain traction.

“While the security agencies keep trying their best, the peacemakers on the ground should not be discouraged. Peace is worth every effort, despite the setbacks encountered.

“We continue to emphasise that as a state government, we do not believe that there is any phenomenon like ‘repentant bandits’.

“Any person that makes a conscious decision to secure arms, challenge the authority of the Nigerian state, and threatens the lives and property of Nigerians does not deserve to live, or be granted any concession by the society.

“There are no immediate or remote causes to justify terrorist conduct. Those that hide behind these are either ethnic jingoists, religious apologists or fail to recognise that no legitimate government can survive by tolerating terrorists or negotiating with those that menace law-abiding citizens.

“As we digest these sad statistics, we pray for the repose of the souls of those killed, pay tribute to the victims of various crimes, reiterate our solidarity with them, and reaffirm our resolve to continue to protect our people, and stop the criminals.”