Judiciary, Sustaining Pillar Of Democracy – Osinbajo

Judiciary, Sustaining Pillar Of Democracy – Osinbajo

Vice President Yemi Osinbajo praised the judiciary as a crucial pillar in the nation’s democracy on Tuesday in Kano.

Osinbajo made the comment during a presentation at Bayero University Kano to mark the 53rd annual meeting of the National Association of Law Teachers. He claimed African countries were confronting the prospect of political overthrow.

During his presentation, the Vice President emphasized that the concept of democracy implies that the people select who their leaders will be and that the legislation and election processes must submit to the people’s desire.

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Citing the Supreme Court’s decision in the case that nullified the ruling All Progressive Congress in the 2019 general elections and gave judgment in favour of People’s Democratic Party, Osinbajo submitted that the appropriate interpretation of law should always succumb to the will of the electorate.

More than a dozen elected governments in African countries, including Burkina Faso and Mali, have been overturned in recent years, according to Osinbajo.

Despite the fact that Nigerian politics is still in its infancy, Osinbajo remarked that the country has already accomplished a lot, taking into account the transfer of power between elected governments.

He used the example of how the APC beat the PDP as the ruling party in 2015, emphasizing that the judges did a good job in carrying out their duty.