Lizzy Gold Breaks Silence After Clash With Destiny Etiko

'If You Don't Receive Gifts From People, You Are Stingy' - Actress Lizzy Gold

Lizzy Gold, a Nollywood actress, has spoken up about a confrontation she had with her friend and colleague Destiny Etiko on set.

Destiny was seen in a video posted on Instagram interrogating Lizzy Gold about why she went to the location she did without her consent.

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Lizzy, who didn’t seem to understand the question, ignored Etiko, who pushed her, and the two of them made a fuss, with several crew members separating them to avoid a fight.

Destiny captioned the photo on her Instagram page, saying that some individuals are ungrateful and referring to Lizzy as a chameleon and a devil.

While commenting to the video, some netizens said it was staged and most likely a PR stunt to promote their new film.

Lizzy Gold, on the other hand, declared in an Instagram post that she’s done making friends after a feud between herself and Destiny Etiko over unidentified concerns.

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