Nigerian man shares experience after taking woman out on a date only for her to finish 8 wraps of fufu

A Nigerian man has shared an experience after taking a woman out on a date only for her to finish 8 wraps of fufu.

According to the Twitter user, Uncle Bayo, the girl finished the food in 10 minutes.

He stated that the girl ate the fufu with vegetable soup.

In his words;

“I remember when I asked this girl out on a date and she agreed. So I picked this fancy restaurant on the mainland but she insisted that she knew a place and I said ok.

We got there and it was a big canteen I was surprised but it was still okay. When it was time to order, she ordered eight wraps of akpu with vegetable soup.

I immediately told her that I wasn’t really hungry and I can’t eat that, she said it was just for her. In my mind I was like “Wtf”. I ordered for rice normal.

In about 7 or 8 minutes, this girl was done eating.. like she cleared 8 wraps of akpu in less than 10 minutes Loudly crying face. I just opened my mouth in shock the whole time.

That was the last day she heard from me. I will never date a serial killer.”

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