2023: Nigerians Express Worry Over Recent Photo Of Bola Tinubu

A recent photo of Bola Ahmed Tinubu looking tired and old has left tongues wagging on social media.
It happened that his son Seyi Tinubu shared photos to support his father’s presidential ambition, but the 5th photo on the slide caught attention of people who urged the politician to retire.
Social media users said that Tinubu looked old, tired and worn out and should allow younger Nigerians lead the country in 2023.
See reactions below: 
Slide 5 should be enough to show the world that that old fella needs a retirement break, but NO😡 some gullible followers would still clamor for him cos of less than a 100$ bill for 4 years, which is far less than a month bills out here, rent exclusive 😂
Nigerians wake up
Greediness is all I see💔
Please people don’t Let this man become your president he will take us back in time 10 years
Where is madame Remi? And baba said he is 69? Slide 5 baba face looks puffed…. i think he should rest and enjoy what he has worked for….
This is madness, so this man has grow up children and he can not support his son to become president instead of him. Am not praying for something bad to happen to your dad the stress can make him lose his life and all these will end. Let him rest, he should push you to come out because we need youth as a president
Seyi go and relax your father is not healthy to be our next president.


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