I Married Mercy Aigbe To Stop Fornication – Kazim Adeoti

Kazim Adeoti and Mercy Aigbe

Actress Mercy Aigbe’s new husband, Alhaji Kazim Adeoti has responded to all the backlashes he has been getting since his relationship with her became official.

According to Adeoti he is better than other men out there who would rather engage in extra marital affairs in disguise.

Adeoti maintained that he married Mercy Aigbe wholly to keep away from fornication and keeping multiple sex partners.

He wrote: “I want to use this medium to educate some people. A lot of married men out there are fornicating, keeping multiple sex partners and their wives are aware and pretending as if they don’t know.

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“So, which one is better? to marry and do what is morally right or to fornicate? It is wrong and dangerous spiritually and health-wise. A lot of people are hypocrites. When you are bold enough to do the right thing, they complain. I know I have done the right thing. Let my wife be. Thanks.”