No Sincerity In Constitution Amendment, Adebanjo Insists 1999 Constitution Must Be Replaced

‘No Sincerity In Constitution Amendment’: Adebanjo Insists 1999 Constitution Must Be Replaced
Ayo Adebanjo

Leader of Yoruba socio-political group Afenifere, Chief Ayo Adebanjo, has criticised the ongoing constitutional amendment exercise in the National Assembly.

“There is no sincerity in the amendment,” the elder statesman said.

He made this remark during an appearance on Channels Tv Politics Today, a day after lawmakers voted on more than 60 proposed amendments including granting autonomy to local governments.

Chief Adebanjo, a strong advocate of the restructuring and critic of the 1999 Constitution, has stated that he has no faith in amendments and in the lawmakers behind them.

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As far as he is concerned, the current (1999) Constitution was foisted on the people by the military and only benefits those in power to the detriment of the populace.

“Who are those making the amendment? Those are the beneficiaries of fraud in the Constitution,” he said. “How are you amending a Constitution you didn’t take part in. Did we make it? What is our input? A Constitution that tells lies about itself.”

He expressed that until the Constitution is replaced, every attempt at addressing the challenges facing the nation, and conducting elections, would be an exercise in futility.


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