Osinbajo: How Practising Righteousness Promotes National Development

Osinbajo: How Practising righteousness Promotes National Development

Vice-President Yemi Osinbajo has stated that practising the principles of righteousness will move Nigeria forward.

The vice-president said this on Thursday while speaking at the Christian Leadership Summit organised by the Bible Society of Nigeria (BSN) with the theme ‘The Bible: Our Reliable Foundation for Maximising Personal and National Well-being’, held in Lagos.

He expressed that the gospel message of Christianity has had an impact on promoting national development across the world.

“The gospel is indeed the reliable structure on which personal and national development can be founded,” he said.

“There is no developed civilisation in the world that has not benefited from the gospel of Jesus Christ in its development.

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“Recent history will tell us how the gospel of Jesus Christ transforms societies. The protestant reformation for those who are familiar with history shows us that when believers like you and I in Europe, America and later Asia changed their world by observing the principles of scripture in their everyday lives.

“Some of the best writers on the subject such as Ashton, Max Weber, for example, all agreed that even the industrial revolution and the prosperity of the West benefited greatly from the observance of the principles of the gospel, especially through the way the Puritans preached and practised the gospel.

“So, honesty, righteousness, trustworthiness in business, in our social interactions were considered fundamental Christian behaviour.”


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