“Power comes only from the Almighty” – Erelu Kuti to Okunnu-Lamidi, 2023 presidential aspirant

2023 Presidential aspirant, Khadijah Okunnu-Lamidi has paid a visit to the traditional Queen Mother, Chief Abiola Dosunmu, Erelu Kuti of Lagos (Iya Oba Eko) at her residence in Victoria Island.

Highly symbolic considering the fact that Okunnu-Lamidi is an indigenous Lagosian, the courtesy visit marks the beginning of Khadijah Okunnu-Lamidi’s campaign tour across the country to visit traditional stools.

A direct descendant of Oba Dosunmu, Erelu Kuti is of royal Yoruba and Bini origins. She serves as the ceremonial Queen Mother and reigns supreme as regent of Lagos upon the death of an incumbent monarch until a successor is chosen by the kingmakers. During the visit, the Erelu Kuti of Lagos received Okunnu-Lamidi and her campaign team with prayers and blessings. She expressed her admiration of the aspirant’s courage and conviction to alleviate the people’s sufferings and bring stability and progress to the society by declaring to contest in the Presidential elections in 2023.

“This is more than just the audacity of hope; it is the audacity of audacity. It gives me joy because it shows that there are courageous young women out there willing and able to answer the call to duty for the country”.

The visit witnessed discussions in the areas of power, welfare and the education of the Nigerian people for development and growth. The monarch was clear on the importance of responsible use of political power in the development of the nation.

In her reaction, Okunnu-Lamidi expressed gratitude to Erelu Kuti for her hospitality and motherly blessing. She reiterated her desire to be the arrowhead for the yearning of millions of Nigerians who desire a country whose boundless human and material resources are put to work for all Nigerians.  She noted that in 2023, the nation needs a leader with the heart to serve and the ability to unite and inspire and with a fresh vision which will activate many forgotten stakeholders in the national project.


The 38-year-old aspirant presented her host with a large size painting of the Eyo Masquerade representing the culture, history and social ideology of an inclusive Lagos.

A notable part of the visit to Erelu was the contribution of the distinguished Yemi Candide-Johnson SAN. The legal luminary hailed Okunnu-Lamidi’s works in the public space and emphasized the need for intergenerational mindsets to be deployed in national politics and governance.

‘‘Credible and responsible youth must work hand in hand with the steady guidance of an older generation to transition Nigeria to a leadership fit for the 21st century,’’ he stated.

Okunnu-Lamidi is expected to proceed on her engagement with the traditional stool across the country after her fruitful visit to Erelu Kuti.