Russia-Ukraine War: Displaced Nigerian Students Offered Study Opportunity In Romanian Varsities

The Romanian Ministry of Education has offered the Nigerian students leaving Ukraine due to the crisis to study in Romanian universities.

The Permanent Secretary of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Amb Gabriel Aduda, stated this in a tweet on Sunday.

He also revealed that the Romanian government was speaking with other countries such as Poland, Greece, and Hungary to follow suit.

This is coming after the Russian army invaded Ukraine last week on the orders of President Vladimir Putin. 

People have been scampering for their safety to neighbouring towns and countries.

Aduda tweeted, “Romanian Min of Edu has offered to take in Nigerian students fleeing Ukraine to study in their universities. We are also in talks with Poland, Hungary and Greece to do same.

“We are discussing processes to seamlessly achieve this and have Nigerian students fixed up as soon as possible. Modalities will be announced shortly by the MFA!”