Russia vs Ukraine: This War Is Difficult, Some Towns Don’t Exist Again – Zelensky Cries Out

Volodymyr Zelensky

Volodymyr Zelensky, the Ukrainian President, has described the ongoing war between his country and Russia as a very difficult one.

Zelensky also said that Russia has succeeded in whipping out some small towns in the country and that those towns would never assist again.

“This war, a difficult war, has truly united our nation.” Zelensky said in a briefing on Saturday, according to CNN.

“A few small towns just don’t exist anymore. And this is a tragedy. They are just gone.

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“And people are also gone. They are gone forever. So we are all on the front line.”

He noted that people whose lives have been taken by this war died as heroes, adding that Ukraine has lost approximately 1,300 troops as of Saturday.

He added that negotiations to end Russia’s invasion of Ukraine “must begin with a ceasefire.”


  1. This is very pathetic statement. A statement that have left tears in our eyes, May God have mercy on these two countries and may He (God Almighty) establish them again. All those that died in this war , may their souls rest in peace May other nations learn from Russia and Ukraine. The best and the most reasonable way to solve problems is not trough war but through round table meeting. Problems can always be solved through peaceful dialogue and certainly not through the power of the gun. Peace be still in these two countries.


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