UK Govt Cancels Covid-19 Test For Nigerian Travellers, Others From Friday

Nigerians entering the United Kingdom will no longer be required to show evidence of covid-19 test as a precondition for coming into the country.
The new order will take effect from March 18.
This was disclosed in a “Travel Abroad” advisory for those coming from other countries, published on the UK Government’s website.
“From 4am 18 March, if you’re returning to England you will not need to get any COVID-19 tests, fill in a passenger locator form, or quarantine.
“18 March travel to England changes. If you will arrive in England from abroad after 4am, Friday 18 March, you do not need to:
“take any COVID-19 tests – before you travel or after you arrive
“fill in a UK passenger locator form before you travel
“This will apply whether you are vaccinated or not.
“You also will not need to quarantine when you arrive, in line with current rules,” the advisory stated.
The same measure applies to those travelling to Wales, Scotland and northern Ireland.