Woman fortunate to be alive after she was attacked while on her way to get toiletries from a supermarket in Lagos

A woman is fortunate to be alive after she was attacked while on her way to get toiletries from a supermarket in Festac, Lagos.

Tina Eziaku Okechukwu, who lives at Amuwo-Odofin, took a bike on her way to the supermarket on Sunday, March 20.

However, before getting to her destination, she noticed the bike rider slowing down at a particular junction.

She assumed he was trying to avoid the road bump, but she soon suspected he had other plans when a car knocked them down.

Before she could pull herself up, she said two men lifted her and pushed her into the car, where they proceeded to drive around with her, while searching through her purse for her belongings and ATM card.

Narrating the ordeal to LIB, she said: “I had a friend’s ATM card she forgot in my room so I always keep it in my handbag incase I see her at work or we meet anytime so I give it to her.

“They started asking me for the pin. I told them I don’t know the pin besides the ATM is not mine. There was no proof for them to believe me because her name wasn’t on her card.

“This guys were throwing punches at me. They even used axe to hit my eye. The other one driving said they should check my phone so they check the banks I use.

“They asked me to open the app. My apps works with face recognition before pin is inputed. The face recognition stopped working and the other one was saying they are running out of time why am I wasting time he used a sharp pen knife to scare me. While trying keep it on my neck I got a sharp cut under my jaw.

“These men were not smiling. They asked for the code of my Techno phone. I gave them. While trying to push me out, the one driving said, ‘why u wan push am comot,she never sign out her icloud’.

“This man dragged me back hit my neck so bad that I lost consciousness.

“They started asking for my Apple ID and password. At that point I totally forgot every damn password I used for iphone. I kept trying.

“He now said if I don’t cooperate that my breast and head will be thrown inside the gutter. I kept trying my password, I could not remember anything again.

“This guy was strangling me with blood filled in his hands.

“And I guess someone else fell a victim because their axe and knife had blood traces on them.

“My gown was filled with blood my neck was been strangled until I told them to let me change the password that an email will be sent to them.

“They put their own password. We tried and tried still it wasn’t connecting because network was bad around where I was taken.

“After like 30 minutes or so, an email was sent to my phone and the password was changed successfully.

“All this happened inside the car while they were still driving.

“The one driving said, ‘you never see anything,small girl like you u dey use two big phones. You are lucky that we are in a good mood’.

She said they eventually pushed her out of their moving car and she realized she was in Egbeda.

She claims the ordeal lasted from 5pm on Sunday to 3a.m. on Monday, March 21.

She added that she was fortunate to find a hike rider who drove her from Egebda back to Amuwo Odofin.

She warned people to be alert as criminals are on a rampage in Lagos

She said: “Everyone should be at alert this period because a lot of things are happening. Check on your friends and relatives regularly.”


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