‘You’re An Illiterate’ — Umahi Hits Wike For Saying He’s Behind His Sacking As Governor

‘You’re An Illiterate’ — Umahi Hits Wike For Saying He’s Behind His Sacking As Governor

Dave Umahi, governor of Ebonyi, has tackled Nyesom Wike, Rivers governor, for saying he is behind his sacking as governor.

Umahi described Wike as lacking ”intellectual material” and as an illiterate.

Umahi said this in Abuja on Wednesday after a meeting with President Muhammadu Buhari over his sacking as governor of Ebonyi.

Wike had during the inauguration of the 3.4km eastern bypass in Port Harcourt said the PDP will stop at nothing to reclaim the Ebonyi governorship seat following the defection of Umahi.

Wike went ahead to say he is “involved” in Umahi’s sacking from office.

“I am involved, PDP is behind it, we are all PDP members…me I am involved. You can’t take what is our property and say we should close our mouth, we can’t close our mouth,” Wike said.

Umahi stated that the man [Wike] boasting to be behind his removal from office only inaugurated 3.4km roads, while he [Umahi] inaugurates 35km roads.

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“You heard him on Channels boasting that he is behind… a mere man that depends on the breath of God, I pity illiteracy, it’s a shame. You are boasting to remove another governor, what qualifies you, just because you are packing money that is public fund, not intellectual material but just packing money from public funds and you are boasting about it.

“Otherwise, who were you? I became a billionaire at the age of 25, I have worked all my life and I have asked him to come for public debate. I do not commission 3.4 kilometer road, I commission 35 kilometer road, I commissioned twin flyovers running to one kilometer.

“I commission mega projects with little resources. So if he says he has done well and he is Mr this or that, let him come for public debate with me, let’s start with our childhood. So I’m not disturbed.”