Anyim On Presidency: Recall Me After One Year If I Fail To Per

Anyim On Presidency: Recall Me After One Year If I Fail To Per
Anyim Pius Anyim

Anyim Pius Anyim, a presidential hopeful running on the Peoples Democratic Party’s (PDP) platform, claims that if he fails to perform after a year, he should be recalled.

The former Senate President made the remarks while speaking to members of the PDP’s national working committee (NWC) at the party’s headquarters in Abuja on Wednesday.

If elected president, Anyim claims to have the experience to lead the country to glory.

“My experience is cognate; my capacity is proven; my nationalist disposition is established and my knowledge of our country is profound,” he said.

“If you give me the ticket of our great party, I shall surely win the general election and return to government as president to continue the truncated good work PDP was doing for the country.

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“Mr. Chairman, if I run this country for one year and you don’t see the difference between light and darkness, recall me.”

Anyim said he is aware of the country’s problems adding that he has devised a strategy to overcome them.

“From the vantage positions I have held, I understand the challenges confronting our nation today and I have clarity of what the solutions could be,” he said.

“As part of our political consolidation process, we shall provide a platform for broad-based consultations and frank dialogue on a generally acceptable new foundation for our nation.

“The purpose of my being here today is to present to you my informed pathway to rebuilding and refocusing our country on the part of growth, peace and prosperity. Let me say that my presentation is not a manifesto as I shall implement the party manifesto but my pathway to give meaning to our party manifesto.

“We shall put the machinery in place to harvest the views and secure the buy-in of all components of our polity and build consensus on the structure of the federation, an acceptable governance system, benchmark agreed on a national aspiration to which all shall commit.”


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