Eva Alordiah Urges Nigerian Parents To Teach Their Kids About Sex Education

In the wake of the Chrisland school sex scandal, rapper cum author Eva Alordiah has called on parents to start sex education early with their wards. In a tweet thread, Eva opined that information is now easily accessible and so it is important for parents to be the ones who teach their children things about sex.

Eva Alordiah warned that if parents fail to carry out their duties diligently, the kids would be forced to learn sex education elsewhere and also put it into practice.

She averred that Nigerian parents should stop hiding behind the curtain of hypocrisy and religion.

The book author said most Nigerian parents hope that pastors promising hell as a penalty for sin will stop their kids from being curious. She added that the fear of hell is not as great as the desire for sex and so sex education must come as early as possible.

Read her tweets below:


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