Footage Shows Moment Kim Kardashian’s Son Showed Her A Pop-Up Ad About Her Sex Tape

American media personality, Kimi Kardashian has been left embarrassed following her son’s recent internet search.

The star’s new show, The Kardashians launches on Hulu this week and one episode shows the SKIMS founder’s six-year-old son, Saint, nearly viewing his mother’s 2007 sex tape with ex-boyfriend, Ray J.

A video of the new series captured the star’s son approaching her with his tablet to ask about the meme of her famous crying face in a pop-up ad.

Reacting, Kim didn’t understand the meme initially, she took a second look and was horrified to see what it meant.

In Hulu’s reboot of Keeping Up With The Kardashians, the star said, “The last thing I want as a mum is for my past to be brought up 20-years later.”