“If Your Pastor Tell You To Stay With Your Abusive Partner, Leave That Church” – Williams Uchemba

Nollywood comic actor, Williams Uchemba has taken to his Instagram to give his two piece on what he thinks about pastors that encourage women to go back to their abusive spouse.

Following the death of gospel singer, Osinachi Nwachukwu who died on Friday after she was domestically abused by her husband, a lot of Nigerian celebrities have come out to speak about it one of whom is Williams Uchemba.

According to Williams Uchemba, such a leader who would tell you to go back to your abusive spouse needs therapy because not recognising where the issue is generating is a significant problem.


Williams Uchemba added that he is ready to fight anyone who abuses anybody close to him and ensure they go to jail.

He wrote;

“If you are being abused through domestic violence and you take the case to your pastor/imam/leas and he asks you to go back to the house where the abuser is, change church. Cos that your leader need therapy too.


“Because not recognizing that the issue is not from you but the man/woman that is the abuser is a major problem. And God help you if someone I know and care about come to me and tells me they have been abused by you whether physically or sexually or any kind. Thank God I have money I will make sure I use my last money to send you to jail.

“If you are going through Domestic abuse/ Violence of any kind LEAVE THE HOUSE FIRST, Na person why day alive day discuss forgiveness”.

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