‘Northern Consensus’: We’ll Work To Get Support Of PDP Stakeholders, Says Bala Mohammed

‘Northern Consensus’: We’ll Work To Get Support Of PDP Stakeholders, Says Bala Mohammed
Bala Mohammed

Governor of Bauchi, Bala Mohammed has stated that he will work towards encouraging other stakeholders of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) to support the process that led to the decision on the “northern consensus presidential candidates”.

On Friday, Mohammed and Bukola Saraki, former senate president, were announced as “northern consensus candidates”, following a report by Ango Abdullahi, elder statesman.

The development came after weeks of consultation by some presidential hopefuls on consensus candidacy for the PDP.

However, Aminu Tambuwal, governor of Sokoto, who had earlier canvassed for consensus, rejected the decision.

Sule Lamido, former governor of Jigawa, had also said the emergence of Saraki and Mohammed is not a decision of PDP members in the north.

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Speaking to journalists on Saturday in Bauchi, Mohammed stated that he did not influence the outcome of the decision.

He, however, lauded the forum for a thorough job.

“Just yesterday, I was elected as one of the consensus candidates for the next presidential election,” NAN quoted him as saying.

“People may take it as something influenced or that we have gone to ask people to give us the recognition. Far from that; it is a mark of recognition and the work of God that I will not take for granted this recognition on my humble self and senator Bukola Saraki, after we decided to do consensus with two others and came on bracket after due consultations with other elders in the north.

“We have been asked to further consult among ourselves and other aspirants within the country so that we can minimise rancour, division and any unpleasantries for us to come out with a candidate that would win the election for the PDP.

“We have taken it as a responsibility and we are calling on others, even those who didn’t make it in the consensus, to come and join hands with us and our southern compatriots so as to do it with minimal rancour and come out of the primary and selection that would produce the best in terms of leadership recruitment in the country.”