Pastor Recounts How Osinachi’s Husband Hid Money Paid To Her After She Ministered In His Church

As Nigerians continue to mourn the passing of gospel singer, Osinachi Nwachukwu, clergyman, Victor Ativie, has recounted how the late musician’s husband, Peter Nwachukwu, allegedly hid the money paid to her after she came to minister in his church.

While preaching to his congregation, over the weekend, Pastor Ativie declared that Osinachi’s husband killed her.

He further stated that the man is lazy, visionless and lazy, as he recounted his experience with the couple.

Pastor Ativie said;

”The man has killed her. Man without vision. Man that is jobless. Man that is lazy. She came to Benin to minister to us. As she came, she wanted to even stay till the next day but the pressure was too much. The man, the way he discusses money with you..He is too carnal.

I know that if a preacher comes, you should bless the person but you see, I don’t like when a thing is too physical.

The way the man was discussing money will even make you hate the woman’s gift but the woman carries something that is too deep that you cannot ignore.

After they had negotiated and we have paid fully, the woman came, ministered and left. The evening after she left, she called me and said ‘Sir, did you send any love offering?’

We sent it one month before she came but he didn’t tell the woman. Evil man. He didn’t tell the woman that we have sent anything. We sent it one month before she came.”he said


  1. Whatever it is accountability with God is certain. Hmmmmm But this is a wicked world People knew what the woman was going through and nobody cried out until she has finally gone. Was there know a voice that could have shouted to save her, among her own family members, her in-laws, church, friends etc etc Those that need to hear her song and return to Christ will wander away because she has been sent to an untimely grave Please God raise another voice like her in this our generation And let her death not be vain RIP


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