Shatta Wale Makes U-Turn, Praises Nigerian Musicians

Ghanaian music star Shatta Wale has buried the beef he had for Nigerian musicians, as he decided to applaud singers from the West African country.

Shatta Wale had, a while ago, lambasted Nigerian musicians for not respecting Ghanaian singers and not showing love to their colleagues in other parts of the continent.

This time, Shatta Wale asked his fans to stop comparing Nigerians to Ghanaians because the former are more meticulous, while the musicians from Nigeria are getting impressive streams from their songs.

“Please can we just respect Nigerians for their hard work and stop comparing our lazy lifestyle to theirs,” she said.

“It’s shame ppl think Nigerians will come hard at me but see they are the ones doing the streaming cuz they understand what Talent means. Ghana music is a shame,” Shatta Wale wrote on Twitter.


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