“It Has Gotten To The Point Where I Will Speak” – Yul Edochie Cries Out

A popular Nigerian actor, Yul Edochie has stated that he has reached the point where he will speak.

The actor made headlines after revealing that he had a child with his colleague Judy Austin Muoghalu and had married her as his second wife.

He has hinted several times since then that he had reasons for his actions.

Last week, in an interview with Paul Okoye stated that people talk without knowing what is going on behind the scenes or the reason for his actions. He went on to say that he would not say anything because he did not want to make anyone look bad.

He has now hinted that he will tell his story.

He wrote on Instagram:

“Silence is good. But it’s certainly not always the best answer.

“It has gotten to the point where I’ll speak.”


  1. This man is a very good actor infact one of the best in our generation. ln fact if you watch him on stage you will not only fall in love with his acting skills but also with him as a person. He is not only an actor by family pattern but actor by divine calling. Kudos to you sir. All that he is doing is acting a film. This acting pattern is find in Hollywood and not Nollywood Because it is only in Hollywood film you will not get the story until the end because the writer of the film goes round and round till he or she finally gets to the end. Then the clapping would be waooooo what a nice film Look at the heading of this one , It has gotten to a point where l will speak. Has he spoken When he finally speaks then you will understand that this is the most interest film of our time. Old boy kudos to your acting skill UNBEATABLE Keep it up.


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