Man Sparks Reactions As He Throws Birthday Party At The Cemetery (Video)

man has sparked mixed reactions from netizens as he throws his birthday party at a cemetery.

The morbid event has is now making the rounds on the internet as the man chose to celebrate this year’s birthday at the cemetery.

The viral video is reported to have been captured somewhere in Ghana.

The celebrant could be seen all smiles while surrounded by his friends and loved ones, with a table laden with refreshments and cakes.
Those who turned up for the event could all be seen donning white clothes

The reason why he had decided to throw a party at a cemetery is yet to be established, netizens have however speculated that it could have been for rituals reasons.

Watch the video below:


  1. Wonders shall never end. God have mercy. Cemetery is a place called end of discussion , in short end of ones journey on this earth and not a place for merriment A place where accountability with God of your journey on this earth begins. It is a place of no returns no matter who you are on this earth. so going there for merriment leaves much to be question


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