Married Woman Sent Packing After Reporting Her Husband To Pastor

A man identified as David Cody has narrated how a lady lost her home after she reported to a pastor that her husband loves s*x.

After reporting to the pastor, the pastor called out her husband in church and flogged him. This provoked the man and he sent away his wife from the house.

David tweeted,

“I remember one lady that reported her husband to the pastor that he likes s*x too much even when she’s not in the mood he wants it, the following Sunday the pastor called the man out and told him to kneel down so they flog the demon out of the man.

The man refused but ushers Held him down and he was flogged. He asked her to pack out of his house now she’s homeless, she went to the pastor and the pastor said she can sleep in the church saying that it’s a spiritual battle that they should pray. Lmao.”


  1. Interesting Hahahahaha You better go look for people to beg your husband otherwise you no go set your feet in that house again. Na your Pastor throw you out of your matrimonial home and certainly not your husband. Things that could be settle with wisdom and knowledge from God you chose to use flogging. God have mercy on us and reveal your secret to us so we will not misinterpret you word, If you use prayer where you are to use wisdom you will fail and if you use wisdom where you are to use prayer you will sink. King Solomon knows when to use wisdom and when to use prayer and God Almighty guided him on these two things Mr Pastor never chose out of these two power weapon but rather chose flogging.